We strive to deliver the best epoxy floors for Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, and the rest of South Florida. We value providing the best service, pricing, and quality to our customers and refuse to cut corners.

Flake Epoxy

Flake floors have one to two layers of vinyl chips that are broadcasted over a basecoat, and sealed with a topcoat. Flake floors will withstand hot tire marks, scratches and abrasions, and oil or grease.

Quartz Epoxy

Made of silica sand, quartz floors offer another level of grip and fortitude than flake. They are typically used on stairs, balconies, ramps, and places that are prone to slippage.

Metallic Epoxy

When most people picture epoxy, metallic floors come to mind due to their beautiful, one of a kind appearance. Epoxy is blended with a metallic pigment to create a wavy, marbleized look that is seamless and unique.

Solid Color

Solid epoxy floors are durable and high quality, typically used in a safety setting or at a pop-up shop. You can use solid color epoxy in warehouses or factories to highlight safety zones.

Glitter Epoxy

Glitter floors are fun and instantly elevate any room. The sparkly-ness comes from micro-glitter that is added to an epoxy pigment.


Having the option to embed a logo or vinyl is important to many clients. You can highlight your favorite sports team, complement your car’s brand, or add your company’s logo for a special look.

Interior & Exterior Epoxy


We have a special way of installing our garage flake floors that ensure they last for years. We start by preparing the substrate, if there are any cracks or divots, we will take care of them to ensure smooth application. We also check for moisture in the concrete, as that can lead to a failed floor down the line. Flake leaves a smooth and flush look, while being equally functional and protective.


The versatility of epoxy is what gives Fort Lauderdale homeowners the security to install it inside their residencies and outside. Many love to install flake or quartz epoxy on their Hollywood beach pool decks, to protect against natural elements and to ensure it’s a non-slip surface. You can apply epoxy anywhere from your bathrooms to driveway.


Epoxy is especially demanded in commercial settings because it fits the needs required to house a lot of people. It has a non-porous barrier preventing dust buildup or bacteria spread, while being incredibly easy to maintain and to clean. It’ll protect from major oil or chemical spills, and can be completely customized via colors and aggregates to match your requirements.